Thurber Engineering Ltd.


Where does Thurber work?

Thurber operates out of nine offices across Canada, and we can provide services in any Province.  From time to time we work on overseas projects, though that’s not our focus.

How big is Thurber?

We have more than 300 employees.  As such, we are big enough to provide opportunities for professional growth, but small enough to maintain a friendly and personal atmosphere.

Who are Thurber's clients?

We work directly for government and private sector owners, as well as sub-consultants to engineering companies such as Prime Consultants and EPCM firms.  We also are part of Design-Build and Public Private Partnership (P3) teams.

What is Thurber’s approach to project management and client communication?

For each project, we assemble a team of people with the appropriate combination of training and experience for the assignment.  A senior professional heads up the team, providing technical input and assuming overall responsibility for the project.  We work closely with our clients through to project completion, and are always sensitive to their needs.

What projects has Thurber done in the past?

We are very proud to have contributed to many notable projects in a wide variety of environments and sectors, over more than 50 years.  The photos on this site show some of those projects; however please contact our branch managers if you need additional information.

What is PDA?

PDA (Pile Driving Analysis) is a test we perform to control and monitor the pile driving process, and to obtain estimates of pile capacity.  Thurber has PDA systems which use combined sensors to collect the data required to confirm pile capacity and optimize pile lengths.  For more information, please email [email protected] or [email protected]